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Prevention Thru Awareness : Your Kidneys and YOU

Apart from our routine awareness programmes that we do for various organisations across the state at their own premises, four major Public Awareness Programmes were held during this quarter, one each at Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Surat and Rajkot

Organ Donation day celebration 2023
Organ Donation Day is celebrated on August 13 every year globally with the aim of creating awareness about organ donation in society and people


India Renal Foundation, Ahmedabad organized an Organ Donation Awareness Seminar for 3rd and 4th year B.Sc students and faculty at JG International College of Nursing, Sola as part of the celebration of "World Organ Donation Day 2023". In this program, the famous nephrologists Dr. Raj Mandot was invited as the keynote speaker who elaborated on the need for organ donation, its importance, laws of organ donation and various organizations working for organ donation through a power point presentation. He also interacted with the students and resolved their queries regarding organ donation.

Another same as above organ donation awareness seminar was conducted for students studying B.Sc Nursing at Sahajanand Nursing College, zundal, Gandhinagar.



On the occasion of World Organ Donation Day Dr.Hardik Kyada (M.D) gave insight on Organ Donation Awareness. The seminar was held at Lohana Mahajan Wadi on 18th August.

India's Health Minister Shri Mansukhbhai Mandavia and former Education Minister and MLA Shri Jitubhai Vaghani encouraged the organ donation awareness campaign and kidney awareness activities. Mr. Sumitbhai Thakkar, Member of Advisory Committee of Bhavnagar Chapter was especially present.



Prevention of Kidney Disease and Cadaver Organ Donation Awareness Program" was organized as a joint initiative of India Renal Foundation (IRF) and Postal Training Center (PTC), in which trainees and employees from different states of Postal Training Center were present. Well-known Nephrologist Dr. Kamlesh Parikh explained in very simple language the measures to avoid the consequences of kidney failure and Dr. Diptiben gave detailed information about cadaver organ donation.

Had also placed Cadaver Organ Donation Hoardings at Vadodara:



An organ donation awareness program was conducted at PDU Medical College by India Renal Foundation Rajkot. In which information was given about the importance of organ donation by the main speaker Dr. Dennis Savalia.



Prevention of Kidney Disease and Cadaver Organ Donation Awareness Program" was organized by IRF Surat Department of Sociology, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University Surat. In which MSW and Sociology department staff, faculty and students were present. Dr. Deepak Tamakuwala, a well-known nephrologist of the city, was present as a speaker and explained in very simple language the measures to prevent kidney failure and gave detailed information about cadaver organ donation.


Public Awareness Programme at Ahmedabad

As part of the celebration of 'Diabetes Awareness Week' India Renal Foundation Ahmedabad organized Kidney and Diabetes Awareness Seminar on 23rd September 2023, Saturday at Gujarat Police Training Centre, Shahibaug for Gujarat Police personnel. Dr. Vivek Patel (diabetologist) and Dr. Sudeep Desai (nephrologist) were present as key speakers in the program. BP and diabetes screening camp was also held for every policeman. 312 policemen took advantage of camp.


In line with the celebration of 'Diabetes Awareness Week', a Kidney and Diabetes Awareness Seminar was organized for students and faculty at Gujarat University, School of Sciences Department on September 25, 2023. Dr. R.C Damani (diabetologist) and Dr. Jay Patel (nephrologist) were present as key speakers in the program. Both the doctors gave detailed information about diabetes and kidney disease in simple language through power point presentation.


Public Awareness Programme at Mahesana

On 9th June, a public kidney awareness program was organized jointly by India Renal Foundation Mehsana Chapter and Inner Wheel Club. Dr. Neel Patel (Nephrologist) Gave Detailed information about how to prevent from kidney disease and treatment. 90 peoples participated in this programme.

Open Kidney Awareness and Prevention Program was organized by India Renal Foundation Mehsana at Gokul Global University, Siddhpur for university faculty and students. As a special guest in this program, Dr. Jayesh Modi (Urologist Consultant) was invited. Who informed the audience through power point presentation about kidney and kidney diseases in simple language.


Public Awareness Programme at Rajkot

A public kidney awareness program was organized by the organization at Central Jail Rajkot in which the main speaker was Dr. Pratik Amlani (Urologist) informed the jail inmates about kidney diseases. Shri Shivam Verma (IPS) and Advisory Committee Member Shri Mital Khetani were present in the event.


Another public awareness program Ayurvedic College R. K. 'World Heart Day' was organized on September 29 at the University, Rajkot. Dr. The program by Tushar Bhatti (Cardiologist) informed the students about heart diseases, heart transplantation, Human Organ Transplantation Act (HOTA) and various remedies to keep the heart healthy.

Awareness Talk at Gandhinagar

A diabetes and BP checkup camp along with diabetes, kidney awareness and education was organized as part of World Kidney Day at SRPF Group 12 office in Magodi village, Gandhinagar in association with Lions International.

In this program, Diabetologist Dr. V. N. Shah and Nephrologist Dr. Sudeep Desai was invited. Who gave a detailed explanation through power point presentation about diabetes and kidney and measures to prevent kidney disease. The chairman of the organization Mr. Trilokbhai Parikh and active member of the advisory committee of the organization Mr. Rashmikantbhai Shah were present in this program.


Awareness Talk at Ahmedabad

On the occasion of Diabetes Day 2022, India Renal Foundation organized a special seminar for the faculty and students of Gujarat Vidyapith University on the adverse effects of diseases like diabetes on kidneys. Dr. Umesh Godhani (Nephrologist) was present as the keynote speaker in this program and gave detailed information on the above topic through projector.

Dr. Rajendrabhai Khimani, Vice Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapith, Active Member of Advisory Committee of India Renal Foundation Mr. Rashmikantbhai Shah and Governor of Lions Club Mr. Rasikbhai Patel were specially present in this public awareness program and cheered our team.


Awareness Talk at Surat

To observe the World Kidney Day, a health checkup camp and public awareness program was organized by India Renal Foundation Surat chapter on 15th March 2023 for the police personnel of Surat with the support of Surat Citizen Council Trust, in which Police Commissioner Shri Ajay Kumar Tomar Sir and Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mrs. Saroj Kumari were present as the chief guests. Chairman of Surat Advisory Committee, Mr. Sharadbhai Kapadia, Mr. Bharatbhai Shah, Mrs. Jignasha Trivedi from India Renal Foundation. 200 people participated in the program.


Surat Chapter has organised "Kidney awareness" program on 5th March 2023 for service retirees of South Gujarat ITI in which "Nephrologist Mr. Deepak Tamakuwala" from "India Renal Foundation" gave a comprehensive understanding about Kidney and Kidney Disease. 300 people participated in the awareness program.


Dated on 23 january 2023 , In surat a kidney awareness open programme was organised at Girls Government polytechnic college, nanpura In which "Nephrologist Dr. Deepak Tamakuwala" was invited. He had given detailed explanation on kidney and all subjects related to kidneys. Around 500+ students and faculty members had participated in this awareness programme. At the end of the programme kidney information booklet and organ donation booklet were distributed.


Awareness Talk at Ahmedabad

This program was organised with Senior Citizens’ Club , Maninagar on 6th January . Dr. Abhay Khandekar, Urologist was invited to talk about Urinary stone and Prostate Problems. We thank him for his contribution and also the President, Shri Chimanbhai Patel


Awareness Talk at Bhavnagar

This programme was organised in association with Indian Medical Association , Bhavnagar branch and Government Medical College on 4th February. Dr. Manish Visnagara ( Urologist) and Dr. Deepak Saboo ( Nephrologist ) were invited to talk about Urinary stone and impact of Diabetes and Hypertension on kidneys respectively.

On this occasion Smt. Nimuben Bambhaniya , Mayor of Bhavnagar was invited as the Chief Guest and Shri C.B. Tripathi, Dean of Government College inaugurated the function. Shri Janardanbhai Bhatt, Chairman of local Advisory Board of India Renal Foundation gave a welcome address.


Awareness Talk at Surat

On the occasion of World Kidney Day, this programme was done in association with Indian Medical Association, Surat branch at Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce on 8th March . Dr. Anil Patel ( Nephrologist ) explained about preventing renal diseases through a very witty and lucid presentation.

Awareness Talk at Rajkot

A public awareness programme was held in association with ‘Bolbala Trust’ on 17th March at Shri Arvindbhai Maniar hall in Rajkot. Eminent doctors from the Rajkot city, Dr. Sanjay Pandya ( Nephrologist ), Dr. Birju Mori (Diabetologist) and Dr. Jayesh Mehta (Urologist ) were invited to talk about Impact of Hypertension , Diabetes and Urinary Stone on kidneys. More than 800 people participated in the program.

We are grateful to all doctors and also, Shri Jayeshbhai Upadhyay ,trustee of Bolbala Trust for their kind support in organising this programme

The positive energy of hundreds of people at the Awareness Talk is energizing and inspiring ! Because , it is not just about kidney disease but it is about creating healthier society.

Be a part of our mission in a dynamic and impactful way!



Dialysis Technician and Nurse Training Program

We, at I RF continuously strive to improve quality of patient care though refresher programmes for Dialysis Technicians and Nurses. One such programme was arranged in Ahmedabad on 24th December, wherein technicians from Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, North Gujarat and Vadodara participated. Crucial aspects of Haemodialysis (HD) like, Water treatment system for HD , Monitoring Blood Pressure during HD and Routine complications of HD were discussed. total I I 5 technicians and nurses participated.

Renowned Nephrologist Dr. Himanshu Patel, Dr. Sonal Dalal and Dr. Javed Vakil were invited as speakers.

This workshop was sponsored by Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd. We are grateful them for their support.

Shri. Chinubhai Shah, Dr. Sonal Dalal,
Dr. Himanshu Patel & Dr. Javed Vakil
Dr. Himanshu Patel Addressing to Dialysis Technicians
Dr. Sonal Dalal Addressing to Dialysis Technicians Volentiur Shri Rupeshbhai Entertaining Technicians


World Kidney Day

As we all know World Kidney Day (WKD )is a global awareness campaign aimed at raising awareness of the importance of our kidneys. This year WKD was celebrated on 9th March, 2017.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a progressive loss in kidney function over a period of months or years. CKD is a noncommunicable disease and it affects I in IO worldwide. While severity can vary, CKD is incurable and causes the patient to need lifelong care. WKD aims at raising awareness about preventive behaviours, risk factors and how to live well with kidney disease. We do this because we want kidney health for all ....

We had organised several programmes like awareness and detection camps at Parimal Garden, Prahladnagar Garden and M.G. Science Institute in Ahmedabad. Kidney walk was held at Bhavnagar, Vadodara and Rajkot in association with other organisations. Informative leaflets were distributed at busy cross roads in Surat and had also placed hoardings to raise awareness at various public places in Vadodara. Awareness was also given through 'Bhavai' in Vadodara at GandhinagarGruh.

In Ahmedabad, primary kidney function tests of almost 200 people were done . Out of 200 people , 20 people were found diabetic and 5 people with high Serum Creatinine level.

Before the 'Kidney Walk' , Dr. Archit Patel and Dr. Manish Dabhi, Nephrologists gave a speech on how obesity causes kidney disease and cadaveric kidney transplantation respectively at Gandhinagar Gruh in Vadodara . The walk was flagged off by Shri Anilbhai Patel, Director of Baroda Institute of Medical Science (BIMS). We thank Sterling Hospital and BIMS for their contribution and support.

Kidney walk at Rajkot was held in association with Shivshakti School. The walk was held from Kishanpara Chowk to Race Course via Ji Ila Panchayat and back to Kishanpara Chowk. All expenses were sponsored by Suraksha Setu Society, Rajkot. We thank trustees of Shivshakti School and Suraksha Setu Society for their support.

In the similar fashion, a walk of 3 km in association with Sneha Foundation and Ashwamegh Trust was organised to raise awareness from Khedutvas to nearby slum area in Bhavnagar. We thank Shri Gurupritsingh, Director of Ashwamegh Trust for their active participation and support.

Public Awareness Programme at Junagadh

A Public Awareness Programme was held at Junagadh for the first time by India Renal Foundation. This programme was held in association with Senior Citizen's Group on 6th August 2017.

Renowned Urologist, Dr. D.P. Chikhaliya and Dr. Shailesh Jadav, lntensivist from Trimurti Multispeciality Hospital, Junagadh were invited as speakers.

More than 700 people participated. The motive was to raise awareness about kidney diseases in the community and encourage a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Chikhaliya made a very interesting presentation about Prostate related problems and their impact on kidneys. He also spoke about 'Importance of Organ Donation'.Dr. Jadav made a very lucid speech about very prevalent diseases, 'Hypertension and Diabetes' and their impact on kidneys.

We thank doctors for their support and also Shri J.B. Mankad, President of Senior Citizens Mand al, for giving us an opportunity of organising this program.

Shri J.B. Makad felicitating Dr. D.P. Chikhaliya Shri J.B. Makad, Dr. D.P. Chikhaliya and Dr. Shailesh Jadav
Press Note Audience

Appreciating our activities, Dr. Chikhaliya said,"I know India Renal Foundation for last one year and they are really doing very noble work.I appreciate their activities of raising awareness, supporting needy kidney patients undergoing dialysis and kidney transplant."

Seminar on 'Deceased Organ Donor Transplantation' at Nadiad

A seminar on 'Deceased Organ Donor Transplantation' was organised by Dr. (Smt.) Sujata Rajapurkar, Medical Social Worker and Transplant Co-ordinator, Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital for the board members, employees and volunteers of I RF on 2nd August, 2017.

All distinguished and learned doctors of the Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital (MPUH) educated us on different topics related to Deceased Organ Donor Transplantation. Dr. A K. Rastogi, MD, Medical Director gave inaugural speech. It was followed by informative presentations on various subjects by eminent doctors as follows:

  • Dr. Sishir Gang (Nephrologist), Chairman, Department of Nephrology explained concept of Brain Death
  • Dr. Hardik Patel (Nephrologist) talked about Transplantation of Human Organ Act 1994 rules and amendments.
  • Dr. Umapati Hegde, Vice Chairman, Department of Nephrology spoke about an Overview of Deceased Donor Transplantation Process
  • Dr.(Smt.) Sujata Rajapurkar, MA, Ph.D. being a Medical Social Worker enlightened us about a very sensitive topic, i.e. 'Grief Counselling'
  • Dr. Arvind Ganpule, Urologist, gave us an overview of technicalities involved in Deceased Donor Transplant Surgery.
  • Ms. Prachi Shah, MSW, Assistant Medical Social Worker and Transplant Co-ordinator educated us the Transplant Co-ordination Process.

Dr.Sishir Gang(Nephrologist)making presentation Shri Chinubhai Shah being welcomed by Dr. A.K. Rastogi and Dr. (Smt.) Sujata Rajapurkar
Shri Maheshbhai Shah proposing vote of thanks


Improving quality of life of Renal Patients......

Dialysis Technicians and Nurses Training and Refresher Programme at Rajkot

Dialysis Technicians and Nurses play a very important and crucial role in treatment of Haemodialysis. They are the direct caregivers for renal patients undergoing dialysis.

India Renal Foundation continuously strives to improve quality of life of Renal Patients. Hence we organize Refresher Workshops for Dialysis Technicians and Nurses at every chapter once in a year. On 19th November one such workshop was held at Rajkot wherein all learned doctors were invited as speakers and all technicians from entire Saurashtraand Kutch region part icipated.

Following topics were covered

  • Dr. Ghanshyam Jagani, Senior Nephrologist, gave overview of the programme
  • Dr. Sanjay Pandya, Nephrologist: Diet and care in haemodialysis
  • Dr. Divyesh Viroja, N ephrologist : Water treatment in haemodialysis
  • Dr. Praful Gajjar, Nephrologist: Complications in haemodialysis and it's management
  • Dr. Mayur Makasana, N ephrologi st : Recent advances in haemodialysis

We are grateful to all respected doctors for their valuable time and guidance and salute them for their dedication and commitment to their profession.

We also thank Shri Vishal Patel of Maruti Agrotech for sponsoring this event.

We at IRF, not only give financial assistance to Renal Failure patients under 'Save a Life' but also work for their rehabilitation under' Prerana'.... and keep in touch with all professionals working in this area to give them better life......

Dr.Ghanshyam Jagani addressing the crowd Participants