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Awareness Motive

India Renal Foundation ( IRF) was established in January 2002 with a motive of raising awareness about Kidney Diseases and preventing them.

‘Prevention is the only cure’ when we talk about incurable diseases.

Chronic Kidney Disease is alsoan incurable disease and prevention is the only cure. Once Kidneys fail , the patient has to be either on dialysis lifelong or he/she has to undergo kidney transplant.

We, at IRF relentlessly work to raise awareness. More than 500 Prevention Through Awareness Programme are held every year.

In nutshell, prevention of kidney failure is our main goal and we will continue to work for the same more and more aggressively. In this cause we have been whole heartedly supported by good number of medical experts and physicians in general. They have willingly co-operated with IRF to share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of society at large.