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Awareness Talks

Kidney diseases are silent killers. They may cause progressive loss of kidney function leading to kidney failure and ultimately requirement of dialysis or kidney transplant to sustain life.

Because of the high cost of treatment and potential problems of lack of availabilityof infrastructure in developing countries, only 5 -10% of patients with kidney failure are fortunate enough to get definitive treatment options such as, dialysis and kidney transplantation, while the rest die without getting any definitive therapy. CKD is very common and has no cure, so prevention is the only option. Early detection and treatment can often keep CKD from getting worse, and can prevent or delay the need for definitive therapy Our job is to make people understand that healthy kidneys are important to live healthy life. Kidney diseases are silent killers which affect quality of life. We explain that kidney diseases can be easily identified through inexpensive simple test.

‘Prevention thru Awareness Programme’ is the core activity of India Renal Foundation.

Through our presentations, we educate the society at large .