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Introducing first Mobile Van

‘Prevention First and Always’ is the motto of IRF.

Knowledge and awareness about Kidney Diseases in India, particularly in rural areas, is very poor. This underscores the need for conducting large scale awareness programs. Making people aware of major risk factors, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure is very important

Diabetes and Hypertension , both are known as silent killer.

According to , Indian Council of Medical Research , raised blood pressure attributes to the leading risk factor for morbidity and mortality in India. Hypertension is attributable to 10.8% of all deaths in India.

Continuing our unwavering commitment to this cause , we have decided to provide the basic facilities of measuring Blood Pressure and Diabetes on the spot and counsel participants. To carry out these activities, we have purchased a mobile van with kind support of our bighearted donors.

Our main focus would be rural area. We are very hopeful that early detection and early diagnosis will definitely help people reach right treatment in time, prevent major complications and will definitely give them healthier and better life.