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Sounds of the Sacred – MUSIC CONCERT

According to sources 1 in 10 Indians are at risk for chronic kidney disease (CKD). India Renal Foundation is established with a mission to educate the society for prevention of kidney diseases , to help needy patients for their treatment and to work for their rehabilitation.

We continuously find ways to spread out our activities. A Music Concert by our own kidney patients was held, both in Ahmedabad and Vadodara in the month of May and June respectively. The motive was to reach out to the society at large , make them understand the mission we have been working for since 2002, inspire other patients fighting with CKD enjoy their life and also to raise funds for this cause. Participation of citizens and smiles of patients encourage IRF to work more vigorously to achieve our mission.

We are overwhelmed with the amazing response of society. There were many patients also in the audience and they are also volunteering for this cause. Here are just a few of them

Our Jagdishbhai, age 28 , was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1 at the age of 21. Because he was young, like many of us have done, he felt invincible and ignored . At age of 27, he was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease due to high blood sugars caused by poor management of his diabetes. He knew ,he needed to take his health more seriously. He now uses an insulin to manage his blood sugars and he gets his blood and urine tests done regularly to keep a close watch on his albumin levels and GFR. Chronic Kidney disease is a major concern in his life.

He believes it’s important to increase awareness, educate friends, family, and others on the important role our kidneys play in our health. .

Krishna is a young , college going girl from a small village near Mehsana. She was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at very young age of 13. So in 2016, when the family found out that Krishna’s diabetes had also impacted her kidneys, they were worried. Krishna has been on dialysis ever since. She travels almost 10 kms one way, three times every week to make her dialysis appointments.

She hopes to get a kidney soon and don’t have to be on the waiting list for a long time for a new kidney.

Our Aarif, was diagnosed with Hydro-nephrosis at the age of 8 . He spent most of his childhood in and out of hospitals, treated with medications and on a special diet to prevent his kidneys from failing. When he was 13 years old, he received a kidney transplant from his mother.

Little Aarif and his family, is also participating in various camps and putting efforts to create awareness.

These are the reasons for organising such events. Apart from entertainment and fund raising ,we educate others of the risks of CKD. We are sure that these programmes will make a lasting impact.

We thank one and all who supported us in organising and executing them. Our special thanks to Shri Rohit Parikh for such a great initiative and to our patient volunteers, Shri Dhaval Patel, Shri Darshan Shah and Shri Gaurang Oza, who rendered beautiful songs in their melodious voice.

The contribution received through these programs, will definitely change lives of thousands of people for the better.